Rent a chair in a Newcastle salon

We have a hairdressing salon styling station chair to rent in Newcastle City Centre

A fantastic opportunity for a hairdresser who would like to 'rent a chair' at a really great rate.

At the moment a section is available on a: Monday, Wednesday, Sunday and the rent for a 3 day week is £103 per week

The rent per week depends on the number of available days and would be as show below:

• For a 1 day week £40 per week
• For a 2 day week £73 per week
• For a 3 day week £103 per week
• For a 4 day week £130 per week
• For a 5-7 day week £154 per week

Newcastle hairdressers salon interior
You will be free to:

•Set your opening hours
•Pick holidays to suit you
•Choose your own prices
•Be truly independent with your own key to the salon

The cost covers e.g. the styling section, waste disposal, water, heating, electricity and council tax.

If you would like to enquire about renting a section,
please complete the form below or
telephone 01912619651 and ask for Nick