In-Salon Temporary and Semi Permanent Hair Dye Fashion Colours
at Nicholas Mark Hairdressing in Newcastle

Pink pastel fashion colour in Newcastle upon Tyne
Fashion colour created by Robert

Available in bright shades

i.e. Sunset Coral, Pink Sorbet, Electric Purple, Caribbean Blue, Hypnotic Magenta, Iced Mint, Navy Blue and Crystal Clear.

Bright colours

Fashion colour shade chart
These colours can be mixed together thus offering numerous colourful results with endless possibilities e.g. from pastel tones to the hottest crazy colours of the year.

These temporary hair colours can lasts up to 15 shampoos but may vary depending on the type of shade chosen, hair porosity and how frequently you wash your hair.

Confectionery-fashion hair colour

Confectionery hair colour

** Please note all Colours or Highlights require a skin test at least 48 hours before the appointment. Unfortunately we will not be able to do your highlights or colour without a skin test. You will still need to come for a skin test even if you have had a skin test, colour or highlights at another salon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a semi-permanent or temporary colour cost?
It’s difficult to give an exact price without a free consultation where the hairdresser can examine the hair. Semi and temporary colours usually require to applications. Normally the hair is first pre-lightened. This will lift the existing colour. The pre-lightener is washed off and the final semi or temporary colour is applied. Sometimes it can costs more for example if the hairdresser needs to use an extra tubes of colour, if the hair needs to be toned or pre-lightened. What you would like to have sounds more like an all over colour. The hairdresser however would need to examine the hair first to say with more certainty how much it would cost.
If you would like to know the full price in advance, please book a free consultation by calling 0191 2619651. Alternatively, choose one of the stylist and book a free consultation online.

How long does a semi or temporary hair dye last?
There are several factors which will affect the longevity or a semi-permanent or temporary chair colour.
Hair which is naturally light in colour will hold a semi-permanent colour for around 5-10 washes. However, it will depend on the shade chosen, hair porosity and how frequently you wash your hair. If your hair is not naturally light in colour and needs to be bleached, it will not hold on to the colour for as long. Pink, green, silver and blue colours tend to fade more quickly.

Which colours are difficult to remove?
Although these colours are described as temporary or semi-permanent and will fade away quickly compared to a permanent colour, they can often be difficult to completely remove safely without out damaging the hair. Particularly colours such as blue and red.
If you are planning go back to a brown or blond be prepared for these semi or temporary colours to show through. Your brown or blond hair for example may have a very noticeable pink, green or blue tone to it.

Do professional salon semi-permanent dyes last longer? Yes, professional salon semi-permanent dyes will last longer.

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