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In this video Aki uses both Deva and Rezo curly hair cutting techniques

Aki has more than 10 years experience with curly hair

I was trained in curly hair techniques in India, having been part of a team that established the first curly hair salon there. For this reason, I would be an ideal choice for anyone who would like a curly cut. I understand the fundamentals of curly hair and the patterns it tends to take. When cutting curly hair, I take into account that it will "jump up" after it is cut. To prevent any mistakes, I always cut it while it is dry so that I can be sure of where it will fall. I love cutting and styling curly hair and I believe that with the right care, it is the most beautiful form of hair.

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Identifying your curl pattern

Aki follows the curly girl method also known as CGM in the curl community. We deal with hair types from 2A to 3C. A to C represents the tightness of the curl or the curl pattern. Type 1 is straight hair, type 2 has various degrees of wavy hair, type 3 is more defined curls, and type 4 is coils or kinky curls. Type A tends to be less defined, and type B and C are more defined curls.

 Curl and wave chart
Degree of curl
Hair is held up when doing a rezo cut

The Rezo Cut

The Rezo haircut is a curly hair-cutting technique for increasing the volume and maintaining curly hair length. It is a haircut that is done on dry hair to create mega volume and enhance the beauty of curly hair. Volume is created by holding each section of hair in an upward position before it is cut. This cut can only be done on curly hair starting with type 2B.

The Deva Cut

The Deva Cut is a special technique for cutting wavy, curly or coily hair. It is a haircut that focuses on cutting each curl individually in its natural fall. This helps stop the curl pattern from being disrupted. The Deva haircutting technique allows the stylist to see how each individual curl would fall. It frames the face and does not create as much volume as the Rezo cut does.

hair stylist using silicone free products for the Rezo and Deva cut
Silicone and sulfate free hair products are used by Aki throughout the service

Advantages of using silicon free hair products

Products containing silicone can help make dry, damaged and frizzy hair look healthy. Silicone does that by filling in the porosity (gaps created in hair). However, as time goes by, silicone begins to weigh the hair down, making it lifeless and dull. It will also prevent moisture from penetrating the hair and assists in the dirt building up. Over time, it also prevents conditioners or any repair products from working. This is particularly problematic for curly hair, which is naturally more dry and prone to frizz. Aki understands the needs of curly hair and knows how to provide suitable haircuts and styling techniques to ensure your hair stays healthy and manageable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What should I do before coming for my Rezo or Deva haircut?
We would prefer if you come to the salon with clean hair that is 100% dry, detangled and with no styling product at all.

How long does a Rezo or Deva haircut take to do?
A Deva or a Rezo haircut including styling takes approximately 2 hours.

How much does it cost for a Rezo or Deva haircut?
The cost for a Rezo or Deva haircut including styling:
For hair above-shoulder £70.00
For hair below-shoulder £80.00
For hair around the waist £90.00

If I don't need a haircut how much will it cost to just have my hair styled?
If you would like to just style curly hair it will cost £43.50

Is a Rezo and Deva haircut suitable for all hair types?
Stylist Aki deals with hair types from 2A to 3C as shown in the picture above. If you would like some advice from Aki please book a free consultation by calling 0191 2619651. Alternatively, you can book a free consultation online by going to the homepage.

If I have my curly hair just styled how long will it stay in for?
The styling will last approximately 5 days. If you feel that your curls are having a little bit of frizz then you can refresh the style by lightly spraying your hair with water, add a little bit of leave in conditioner, styling gel and scrunching it. It will last longer if your hair is very curly and will last less if it is just wavy.

How often will I need to come back for a haircut if I would like to keep my curly hair in style?
The frequency of getting a Rezo or Deva haircut depends on your hair growth, curl type, and personal preference. On average Rezo or Deva cut can last anywhere from 3 to 6 months. It's recommended to visit your stylist every 8 to 12 weeks to maintain the haircut.

How long should wait before wash my hair after a Rezo or Deva haircut?
Approximately 5 days but often depends on how dry or oily your is.

Will I need to use a diffuser or can I just air my curly hair?
If you diffuse the curls you can achieve more definition and volume. Air drying your hair will give it a more natural finish with less heat damage. You may like to experiment to see what works best for your curls.

Is there anything I should not do after a Rezo or Deva?
It's best to avoid putting your hair into ponytails, buns, braids, or other tight hairstyles that can stretch out your curls Instead, wear your hair loose or use loose clips or scrunchies if you need to keep it out of your face. It would be best to use a silk pillow cover to sleep on and use a silk scrunchie to tie your hair as silk create less friction compared to cotton leaving your hair frizz free.

What products are best to use for styling curly hair?
Silicone free styling products can give your hair more moisture as they don't form a barrier that blocks out nutrients. They can help you avoid build-up and residue on the hair that can make your hair dull and greasy. Finally, silicone free styling products are easier to wash away with a gentle shampoo.

Which shampoos and conditioners are best to use on curly hair?
The best shampoos and conditioners to use on curly hair would be a sulfate free range as sulfate is the detergent that depletes the hair of its natural oils and moisture and make the curly hair look dry and frizzy.

What is the difference between a Deva cut and a Rezo cut? The main difference between a Deva cut and a Rezo cut is that a Deva cut focuses on framing the face with curls, while a Rezo cut maintains an even length of hair around the head, so that the curls move freely. A Deva cut may create more layers and angles in the hair, while a Rezo haircut may create more roundness and balance.

Is either haircut suitable more for curly or wavy hair? People who have wavy hair may prefer the Deva cut to get more definition and dimension in their waves. However, people with curly hair may prefer the Rezo Cut for extra volume and bounce in their curls.

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