Indian Hairdresser in Newcastle
Aki is a hairdresser working at Nicholas Mark Hairdressing in Newcastle city centre.
She is originally from Chandigarh, a city in the Punjab region of northern India. She can speak English, Hindi and Punjabi. Aki and her husband moved to Newcastle in 2022 as the city offered many opportunities for them in their respective fields. Originally, she studied finance and later started hairdressing as a hobby. She quickly fell in love with the industry and hairdressing became her passion.
Balayage colour melt by Aki
Aki now has more than 12 years of hairdressing experience and holds multiple certificates and diplomas. She trained with the

Indian hairdressing

L’Oreal Academy and Colour Cosmetica in Australia. In addition to keeping up to date with new products and the latest trends in women’s and men’s hairstyles, she also is experienced in techniques including balayage, ombre, baby lights, permanent hair straightening and keratin treatments.
Newcastle multicultural hair salon.jpg
Aki loves meeting new people, learning more about them and then customising their look to what is best suited to their needs. What she likes about Nicholas Mark Hairdressing is how the staff are from multicultural backgrounds. The team is very supportive, training is provided and it’s a very comfortable environment to work in.
 Color correction with an ash gold toner
Hair colour transformation by Aki. Color correction with an ash gold toner.

Rezo or Deva Cut from £70
In this video I am using both Deva and Rezo curly hair cutting techniques. I was trained in these techniques in India, having been part of a team that established the first curly hair salon there. For this reason, I would be an ideal choice for anyone who would like a curly cut. I understand the fundamentals of curly hair and the patterns it tends to take. When cutting curly hair, I take into account that it will "jump up" after it is cut. To prevent any mistakes, I always cut it while it is dry so that I can be sure of where it will fall. I love cutting and styling curly hair and I believe that with the right care, it is the most beautiful form of hair.
For more information please see: Curly Hair Rezo Deva Haircut

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Permanent hair straightening
Permanent hair straightening by Aki
Full head highlights
Full head highlights by Aki
 Color has been refreshed
Here Aki has refreshed the client's hair colour
 Full head colour with a golden ash tone
Full head colour with a golden ash tone by Aki
 Asian hair colour
Natural looking hair colour popular with many Asian hair salon clients

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